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A Convenient, Digital Experience for You and Your Clients

Coverpath is MassMutual’s online life insurance platform that provides you and your clients with an end-to-end 
digital experience.
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Why Coverpath?

  • Create Leverage

    Using your unique Coverpath link, clients can apply for life insurance at their own convenience while leaning on you for support and financial expertise.

  • Reduce Friction

    On average, the Coverpath sales cycle is shorter than the traditional process. No delivery requirements means nearly instant policy delivery.

  • Delight Clients

    Coverpath’s convenient, online application, easy to use tools, and modern interface provide your client with the seamless experience.

What’s New?

Stay up-to-date on the newest Coverpath features, enhancements, and client outreach tools.

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What’s Ahead

Get a sneak peek of what the Coverpath team is planning to build in the future and provide feedback on features that are in development

  • Development

    Products and features we’re actively developing, they’ll be live soon!

    • New Feature
      LIVE! Copy Application

      If you have a client with multiple children, want to fix something in an application you already sent, or want to ladder policies, Coverpath makes it easy by allowing you to copy an in-progress or inforce application.

    • Enhancement
      LIVE! Follow Case

      To help advisors and agency staff assist their clients throughout the application process and know when more information may be needed, Coverpath is introducing a 'follow case' feature. This feature allows you to follow any case in your Client Case Center and receive email notifications on the progress of applications.

    • Enhancement
      Underwriting Status Activity Feed

      A lot goes into underwriting! To help make the process as smooth as possible for you and your clients, Coverpath will provide advisors and staff detailed updates on the progress of their cases after submission.

    • Enhancement
      APS Status Enhancements

      If an APS is required to provide a client an offer, Coverpath will make sure advisors and staff are kept in the loop with detailed updates throughout the process.

  • Design

    Ideas that made it to the design phase

    • New Feature
      ALIR Rider

      Coverpath is developing a new, more flexible ALIR Rider that allows clients to schedule up to 12 payments any time during a given year (up to a quoted maximum).

    • Enhancement
      Post-Issue Status Notifications

      After a policy is submitted, Coverpath will notify advisors and their staff about any critical policy changes like missed payments and cancellations.

    • New Feature
      In App Paramed Scheduling

      Advisors and staff will be able to schedule paramed exams on behalf of their clients within Coverpath.

  • Research

    Ideas we’re actively exploring

    • New Feature
      Concept Illustrations

      Coverpath will be working on tools to help advisors illustrate how Whole Life insurance fits into their clients' holistic financial plans by visualizing how products can be used in real-life scenarios, such as retirement.

    • New Product

      Coverpath will soon have its first annuities product available on the platform. The team has started the work to implement RetireEase Choice on the platform, and aim to make it available to advisors by the end of the year.

What Others are Saying

Financial professionals like you are using Coverpath to create leverage in their practices, reduce friction in the sales process, and delight their clients. Here’s what they’re saying:

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