Our Wedding at the Library Hotel

The obligatory recap: our venue, the invitations, the playlist, the vendors.

The Photographer

If you’re looking for an expert photographer for you Big Day, look no further than Kelly Williams, Photographer. She’s super sharp, accommodating, and comes from a photojournalism background that taught her how to capture divine moments. I’m so, so pleased with how her photos turned out.

Wedding Photographer NYC

The Venue

We were looking at a guest count of 59 people. We knew we wanted an intimate, classy experience (cocktails being a must), but also wanted room to dance and party. Although I looked at a few options in NYC, I quickly ruled out any that involved anything too DIY — empty lofts, while nice, seemed like way too much work. We opted for The Library Hotel, which was affordable, classy but cozy, and offered an all inclusive open bar and hors d’oeuvres package.

Wedding Library Hotel 3 Wedding Library Hotel Wedding Library Hotel2

The Invitations

Although I initially planned on using Paperless Post for everything, we realized we still had guests who wanted/needed the paper versions. I enlisted the help of Carol Sullivan (who I found through Etsy) to design a wonderful illustrated map.

Wedding Invitation

The Playlist

One of the most fun (and intense) tasks of the wedding was coming up with the perfect reception playlist that would cater to our Gen X, Gen Y, and Boomer crowd. Brian took special care ensuring that the songs had smoothless fades between then (we applied a cross-fade of 10 seconds in Spotify so there weren’t awkward breaks between songs.) Hope you enjoy our selections — and feel free to borrow!

The Cupcakes

I haven’t tried them all, but I’ve tried enough to know they’re doing something special at the tiny bakery on the Upper East Side, Two Little Red Hens. It’s tiny and understated, and it has some of the moistest, delicious flavors in New York City. I recommend the carrot and red velvet, but they’re all delightful.

Wedding Cupcakes Little Red HenWedding Cupcakes

The Dress

The best part about your wedding is you decide what’s important. The dress wasn’t for me, so I found a $100 dress on macy’s.com and called it a day. That way I could save money for …

The Accessories

All from my girl, Kate Spade.

Wedding Purse Wedding Shoes Invitation

The Cocktails

B and I put together a custom cocktail menu that featured drinks like “Bri and Ginger” and “Tam Collins”:

Cupcake Cocktails

Credit Cards, Accounts, and Other Tips

As a personal finance nerd who is always in search of a bargain and spends her free time reading NerdWallet and PointsGuy (and who may or may not have shed a few tears when Suze Orman went off the air), I’m happy to share some of my findings. Add your own tips and thoughts in the comments …

France, Switzerland, Austria, Slovakia, Italy, WHEW!

Brian and I seem to have a real thing for the jam-packed itinerary … join us on a recounting of our trek through Europe in June. (Full photos here.)