Turks and Caicos Getaway

Although my “waterproof” camera gave out during our snorkeling trip, I was able to salvage the photos from the first half of our trip to the Turks and Caicos.

Maui Wordcamp 2015

One of the things I most anticipated when I looked forward to making the leap into self-employment was the ability to take business trips on a completely tax-deductible basis. When I saw “WordCamp Maui” appear on the list of upcoming Wordcamps for 2015, it was a no-brainer; I immediately applied to be a sponsor and a speaker, eager to secure my place.

Paint Nite NYC

I do not know how to paint, but somehow, through the magic of wine, Paint Nite NYC, and Roomie Showers, I was able to produce something worthy of our refrigerator.

Happy New Year 2015

Back from our adventures out west (as of yesterday), Brian and I rung in 2015 at the “New York Eve” party put on by Bowery Collective.

One Night in Vegas at the Venetian

It’s a common joke in our family that it’s more expensive to get to Montana than it is to get to Europe.

Christmas at Whitefish Lake Lodge

Happy holidays, everyone, from Whitefish Lake Lodge!


On Monday, B and I embarked on a thorough tour of downtown Missoula’s bar scene.

2013 Holiday Florida Road Trip

As promised: the play by play from our holiday Florida road trip up and down the two coasts and through the Everglades.

NYC Marathon 2013

Another biggie crossed off the 101 in 1001 list: Run my first marathon. Everyone I talked to leading up to the marathon who had participated in past years overemphasized what an incredible experience it would be.

One weekend in Marrakesh

Brian and I took advantage of the fact that I attended the UXLX Conference in Lisbon with all expenses paid to take a long weekend exploring the country of Morocco.

Our Wedding at the Library Hotel

The obligatory recap: our venue, the invitations, the playlist, the vendors.

Sedona, Arizona

We spent the weekend escaping from the world, hiking and vegging with Mom and Dad in Sedona, Arizona — an incredible place. If you go, be sure to stop into the Sedona Bike and Bean shop for a map of all the trails and vortices.