Christmas at Whitefish Lake Lodge

Happy holidays, everyone, from Whitefish Lake Lodge!

We had a spectacular holiday that included cross country skiing at the Golf Course, binging on Serial by the fire at Grouse Mountain Lodge (dammit! did he do it? — likely more on that later in an upcoming post), and many a poker game at our condo in the Lodge at Whitefish Lake.

Whitefish Lake Lodge Montana

Credit Cards, Accounts, and Other Tips

As a personal finance nerd who is¬†always in search of a bargain and spends her free time reading NerdWallet and PointsGuy (and who may or may not have shed a few tears when Suze Orman went off the air), I’m happy to share some of my findings. Add your own tips and thoughts in the comments …

France, Switzerland, Austria, Slovakia, Italy, WHEW!

Brian and I seem to have a real thing for the jam-packed itinerary … join us on a recounting of our trek through Europe in June. (Full photos here.)