The Cherry Blossoms at BBG

Nothing says the coming of spring quite like the magnificent cherry blossoms. Brooklyn Botanic Garden is a former client of mine, so I was fortunate enough to score a guest pass and fantastic company on my April stroll through the garden.

Mom and Dad Visit the Met

Not only has Mom and Dad’s April visit become an annual tradition — so has adding one quintessentially “New York” activity to their weekend itinerary. I’m pleased to announced that 2016 became “The Year of The Met.”

Blue Hill, Stone Barns

Thanks to the generous folks at SocialCode who gifted me a $500 certificate, Brian and I enjoyed a lavish dinner last week at the famous restaurant Stone Barns, just north of the city.

A pink and purple sky

There’s not much to this post — just this incredible autumn sunset.

Happy 4th of July, 2015

We’ve lived on the East River for nearly three years, but 2015 was the first that the city decided to hold the fireworks right outside our apartment. We took advantage of the opportunity to have people over … which of course meant creating some summery cocktails from pina coladas to white sangria to lemonade to daiquiris. Enjoy the fireworks — they were truly spectacular.

A trip to Lady Liberty

No matter how many years I’ve lived in this city (nine and counting), I still enjoy the occasional trip to Tourist-ville. Mom and Dad’s annual visit gave me a great excuse to do so, which meant my first trip to Liberty Island.

Paint Nite NYC

I do not know how to paint, but somehow, through the magic of wine, Paint Nite NYC, and Roomie Showers, I was able to produce something worthy of our refrigerator.

Happy New Year 2015

Back from our adventures out west (as of yesterday), Brian and I rung in 2015 at the “New York Eve” party put on by Bowery Collective.

Our Wedding at the Library Hotel

The obligatory recap: our venue, the invitations, the playlist, the vendors.