Happy New Year: Ringing in 2015 with the Bowery Collective


Back from our adventures out west (as of yesterday), Brian and I rung in 2015 at the “New York Eve” party put on by Bowery Collective. I heard about the party from my friend Rod over at Optimistico, who also markets events for Bowery Collective. Their specialty is the swanky cocktail party — and the NYE celebration […]

One Night in Vegas at the Venetian


It’s a common joke in our family that it’s more expensive to get to Montana than it is to get to Europe. Consequently (especially in light of my new freelancer lifestyle) I’ve gotten creative about getting to and from Missoula. Because Allegiant has a (relatively) cheap direct flight from Missoula to Vegas, and we can […]

Happy Thanksgiving! Recipe: Mom’s Stuffing


This recipe was passed down to me by my mother from her mother, Grandma Burnham. I’m assuming that she got it from her mother, who came from Ireland… and who knows how far it goes back from there. It’s a relatively easy recipe, but in spite of its simplicity, every Thanksgiving it receives loads of compliments.